Web Design and Graphics

We are a Somerset based web and graphic design team. We build custom accessible websites from scratch according to W3C standards using HTML5 and CSS. We also design logos, forms and offer an economical photography service if required.

We can


The cost really depends on what your request entails.

If you would like a simple small website (below 10 pages) then a ballpark figure would be £350. That can include a logo, Favicon, Facebook page, web hosting and domain name.

An ongoing cost would be a yearly fee for web hosting and domain name - this would be with the cheapest and best web hosting company we can find for you and you'd be looking at a ballpark figure of around £33 per year.

An optional and occasional ongoing cost would be if you wanted us to update your website and the cost would vary depending on how big the job was. But we won't be unreasonable. Let's put a ballpark figure of £20 an hour on it.

And we would be willing to work out deals - say if you are a B&B and you would like us to take photos for your website but you are located hours away from where we live, then you could offer us free accommodation and breakfast and we will subtract the cost of that from your quoted fee.

Time Frame

Again, the turnaround time depends on what you require but for a small website (below 10 pages) package that includes a logo, Favicon, Facebook page, web hosting and domain name we would give a ballpark estimate of around 2 weeks.